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Upcoming Events

Gerontology Medical Care System Symposium

The 4th Chinese Physical Examination Physician Conference and Clinical Summit

Nationwide Children Obesity Prevention and Therapy Workshop

First Congress Meeting of Chinese Association of Critical Care Physicians (CACCP)

The 3rd annual meeting of Chinese Pathologists Association to be held July 24-27, 2009 in Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

The 7th China Cardiovescular & Cerebrovescular Forum to be held September 18-20, 2009 in Beijing, China.

The National Health Conference in 2013

On January 7th, 2013, the National Health Conference was held in Beijing. Minister of Health Chen Zhu, Vice Minister of Health Huang Jiefu, Wang Guoqiang, Ma Xiaowei, Chen Xiaohong, Liu Qian and the leaders of other departments attended this conference. Delegates from different regions and different departments exchange their ideas about health working.

Chen Zhu, Minister of Health delivered an important speech, summarizing the health work in the past year: In 2012, the coverage of new rural cooperative medical service had been up to above 95% and there was no serious epidemic situation throughout the country. He also stated the expectation for the health work in 2013.

The National Health Conference in 2013 was Held in Beijing

The Leaders Who Attended the Conference

Minister of Health Chen Zhu Delivered an Important Speech at the Conference

Delegates of the Conference

People Who Get “Bethune Award”

Advanced Groups of the National Rural Cooperative Medical Service
Working Conference of the Third National Regular Evaluation for Doctor

On December 8th, 2012, the working conference of the third national regular evaluation for doctors was held in Beijing. Vice Health Minister of China Ma Xiaowei delivered an important speech. More than 180 people from health departments of different provinces, evaluation offices, sub associations of CMDA and other departments attended the conference.

Continue the Innovative Development of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

——Dr. Zhang Yanling's Speech at the 3rd National Plenary Meeting of CMDA

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

The 3rd Plenary Meeting of CMDA at Beijing is an important event in China 's development of its medicine industry and medical science. Our Party and the government always pay high attention to the medicine industry and the quality of doctors; many national leaders have sent their celebration to us for this event and expressed their expectation.

Zhang Mao, Minister of Health, and Ren Guoquan, Minister of Health at the General Logistics Department of the Army, delivered important speeches at the meeting. With the joint efforts of all the leaders, experts, media and representatives, we have had a successful plenary meeting. I feel honored to be the new chairman of the council of CMDA. On behalf of the council, I want to express our sincere thanks to all our members and friends from all walks of life.

From January 2002 to now, Chinese Medical Doctor Association has experienced a ten-year extraordinary history. During the ten years, we have overcome difficulties and make great achievement. Making efforts to promote the professional ethics and to uphold the humanitarianisms to rescue the dying and caring for the wounded, to advance medical knowledge and improve medical services, and to protect the rights and interests of the practicing physicians, CMDA has become the "home of doctors" and has 39 local associations and 51 specialty sub-associations.

Looking back into the past 10 years, the former council, under the leadership of Yin Dakui, made pioneering contributions to the development of CMDA. On behalf of the new council, I would like to express our high respect to the first and second council sessions under Yin Dakui and Yang Jing.

Doctors are important forces in developing medical industry, promoting medical system reform and improving the health level of people. We should seize all the opportunities and unite 2.4 million doctors to provide better medical services and make more contribution to social progress.

Our four priority areas of work in the future are as follows:

First, improve the quality of medical treatment, enhance the service ability of doctors and promote the professional ethics.

Second, make spareless efforts on protection of doctors' rights and providing good services. We will make unremitting efforts to provide high-quality service to all the doctors and protect their rights and interests. We should actively build bridges between our association and government departments, strengthen communication and coordination with friends from all walks of life and the news media, adequately show the expression of doctors, propagandize the advanced models and create a better environment for doctors. We insist on protecting doctors' rights according to the law, help doctors be understood and supported by the public.

Third, play the functional role of supervision and self-discipline. We should make full use of our organizational advantage and technical advantage to promote the training for residents, general practitioners and specialist doctors. We should adopt the code of conduct of medical staffs, focus on qualification for practicing doctors and improve the scientification and standardization of medical industrial management. We should also carry out the management of self-regulation, formulate professional regulations for doctors, and assist Ministry of Health to establish doctor evaluation system, do qualification authentication for doctors and supervise doctors' work to improve the quality of all the medical staffs. Our doctors should set strict demands on themselves so that they can gain respect and trust from the public. We resist all the unhealthy ways and customs like seeking private gain through treatment, getting kickbacks and academic cheating. We try to build harmonious relationship between doctors and patients and shape good images for doctors.

Fourth, strengthen self-construction of our association. We should be clear about what to do and what not to do. We should keep studying and improve our management ability, putting social benefits first. We should do what we require our members and sub-associations to do. Our new council also wants to make a commitment that we will not seek private gain through power and we will never do illegal things. We welcome all the members and communities to supervise us.

All the delegates, dear comrades, Chinese Medical Doctor Association takes the responsibility of medical industry management and carry the expectation of all the doctors. So we will unite together and forge ahead, contributing wisdom and strength to people's health and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The Third National Plenary Meeting of CMDA

The Third National Plenary Meeting of Chinese Medical Doctor Association was held successfully in Beijing on December 9th. All the delegates elected new leaders of the council of CMDA.

Dr. Zhang Yanling was elected as the new President of CMDA.

Dr. Han Qide, Dr. Chen Zhu, Dr. Yin Dakui and Dr. Yang Jing are Honorary Presidents.

Dr. Yang Min, Dr. Yuan Yaming and Dr. Xie Qilin were elected as Executive Vice Secretary-Generals.

16 doctors were elected as new Vice Presidents. They are:

Dr. Wang Xing, Dr. Wang Shan, Dr. Deng Kaishu,

Dr. Liu Yuqin, Dr. Zhang Yangde, Dr. Zhang Yaohua,

Dr. Li Junfeng, Dr. Li Qingjie, Dr. Lu Jun,

Dr. Lin Shuguang, Dr. Zheng Shusen, Dr. Zhao Shugui,

Dr. Zhao Qun, Dr. Ling Feng, Dr. Xu Heping

Dr. Qin Xiaoming

Executive Members of the council are as follows:

1 Dr. Wang Xing 2 Dr. Maimaiti.Yasen 3 Dr. Qi Xuejin

4 Dr. Zhang Yu 5 Dr. Li Hongguang 6 Dr. Lin Jiabin

7 Dr. Zhao Jinmin 8 Dr. Huang Zuhu 9 Dr. Wang Yutian

10 Dr. Liu Yuqin 11 Dr. He Wei 12 Dr. Zhang Yaohua

13 Dr. Yang Min 14 Dr. Lin Shuguang 15 Dr. Zhao Qun

16 Dr. Fu Zhongxue 17 Dr. Wang Shan 18 Dr. Liu Quanxi

19 Dr. Wu Yiling 20 Dr. Li Yuanfeng 21 Dr. Yang Longhui

22 Dr. Lang Jingping 23 Dr. Ling Feng 24 Dr. Cai Zhongjun

25 Dr. Wang Chen 26 Dr. Liu Minghua 27 Dr. Wu Naifeng

28 Dr. Li Shilong 29 Dr. Yang Zhuoxin 30 Dr. Zheng Shusen

31 Dr. Xu Heping 32 Dr. Cai Xiguang 33 Dr. Wang Shuo

34 Dr. Liu Keling 35 Dr. Wu Chongqi 36 Dr. Li Lanjuan

37 Dr.YangMingxin 38 Dr. Zheng Jingchen 39 Dr. Xu Jianguang

40 Dr. Fan Daiming 41 Dr. Wang Xiaoqin 42 Dr. Liu Jiawang

43 Dr. Zhang Yangde 44 Dr. Li Jianguo45 Dr. Di Zeqing

46 Dr. Yu Guangyan 47 Dr. Xu Rongxiang 48 Dr. Huo Yong

49 Dr. Wang Maobin 50 Dr. Liu Fulin 51 Dr. Zhang Keqin

52 Dr. Li Jinting 53 Dr. Lu Jun 54 Dr. Feng Zhichun

55 Dr. Yin Jing56 Dr. Wang Huanzeng 57 Dr. Zhun Xuejun

58 Dr. Zhang Jiaxi 59 Dr. Li Junfeng 60 Dr. Chen Keji

61 Dr. Hu Dayi 62 Dr. Qin Xiaoming63 Dr. Deng Kaishu

64 Dr. Pu Shunzi 65 Dr. Zhang Shufang 66 Dr. Li Hongshan

67 Dr. Shan Shujian 68 Dr. Hu Bo 69 Dr. Guo Yinglu

70 Dr. Fu Gang 71 Dr. Bi Lifu 72 Dr. Zhang Yanling

73 Dr. Li Qingjie 74 Dr. Zhou Cheng 75 Dr. Zhao Shugui

76 Dr. Gu Jiang

Report on Praising "Outstanding Groups" in Sub-Associations and Specialty Sub-Associations of CMDA

ccording to relevant regulations on Articles of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, outstanding groups who make great contribution to the association got awards on the third National Plenary Meeting of CMDA.

After the second National Plenary Meeting of CMDA, all the sub-associations and specialty sub-associations play an active role as an industry association. They adhere to the mission of serving for doctors and get great achievements. According to the selection methods of outstanding groups of CMDA, the judging panel gives the awards of “Outstanding Groups of CMDA” to the following sub-associations and specialty sub-associations:

Beijing Medical Doctor Association

Shandong Medical Doctor Association

Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association

Guangdong Medical Doctor Association

Guangxi Medical Doctor Association

Yunnan Medical Doctor Association

Harbin Medical Doctor Association

Chinese Association of Cardiologists

Chinese Association of Ophthalmologist

Chinese Association of Dermatologist

Chinese Association of Surgeons

Chinese Association of Gynecologist and Obstetrician

Specialized Committee of Health Management and Health Insurance for Doctorsrs

Opening Ceremony of Chinese Medical Doctor Association-International Medical Training Center

On July 18th, the opening ceremony of Chinese Medical Doctor Association International Medical Training Center (CMDA-IMTC) was held in Lecture Hall in Jiaxing University.

CMDA-IMTC was founded by Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), a national–level association of 2.6 million medical doctors across China, and the North American Federation of Iatrology Society (NAFIS), for the facilitation of communications between the Chinese and North American medical professional.

There are 220 honored guests attending this ceremony: The former undersecretary of Chinese ministry of health, president of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Yin Dakui, senior vice president and secretary-general of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Yang Jing, vice president of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Wang Zhiqiong, Cai Zhongjun, Deputy Director-General of Health Department of Zhejiang province Ma Weihang, deputy mayor of Jiaxing Chaiyongqiang, president of North American Federation of Iatrology Society Zhang Hengzhi, principal of Jiaxing University Xu Xianmin, vice president of Kaplan Sean J.Hire Stein, presidents and secretaties of local associations, chairmen or secretary-general of Specialty sub-associations and other leaders.

CMDA designated as one of the 5 organizations to audit class III medical technology

To implement ˇ°the Administrative Regulations of Medical technology in Clinical Applicationˇ±, the general office of Ministry of Health announced that the Chinese Medical Doctors' Association, together with other four organizations, will be auditing the clinical application of Class III medical technology from May 1, 2009 to May 1, 2011.


Celebration of two-year anniversary of ˇ°the Training of Community Medial Workers of the Nation and gift book of the Merck Manual of Medical Diagnosis and Therapy.

The vice minister of Ministry of Health and the president of CMDA Ying, Dakui addressed the celebration.

Ophthalmologists' Meeting Held in Nanjing, June 11 th to 14 th , 09

Organized by the Sub-Association of Ophthalmologists of CMDA, the meeting mainly focused on medical risk and safety in ophthalmology. Also studied and discussed were ophthalmologists' self-discipline, protection of right and administration, clinical regulations and technical education and training.


Third Annual Meeting of Neurology Held in Chongqing June 11, 09

The organizers are Neurology Sub-Association of CMDA and its Liaison office in Chongqing, together with the Third Military Medical University.

Over 1600 neurologists and related workers attended the meeting. Presentations cover regulations, technical education and cerebrovascular and related diseases.


The 4 th Chinese Physical Examination Physician Conference and Clinical Summit

Chinese Medical Doctor Association Physical Examination Subdivision, Chinese People's Liberation Army Medical Technology Committee and Congqing Medical Association reached consensus to host The 4 th Chinese Physical Examination Physician Conference and Clinical Summit in Congqing from May 15 th to 18 th , 2009. The keynote speakers include Dr. Yulong Cong, Vice President of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Physical Examination Subdivision, Dr. Hong Song, Clinical Professor of China Medical University First Hospital, and Dr. Ziyu Shen, Director of Clinical Examination Center of Ministry of Health etc.


1. Third Cardiovascular Pathology Meeting and Seminar on Latest Development of Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease to be Held in Aug. 13-16, 09

Organized by the Sub-association of Cardiologists of CMDA, Chinese Invasive Cardiology Magazine and the Training Center of Invasive Cardiology of Chinese Medical Association, the meeting will be held in Wulumuqi, Xingjiang.

The meeting will cover the latest development on cardiology: hypertension, coronary heart disease, pulmonary embolism, cardiac failure, RHD, arrhythmia, electrocardiology and pacing, cardiovascular invasive diagnosis and treatment, cardio surgery, preventive cardiology and related subjects.

Renowned specialists will be invited to introduce the outstanding achievements on prevention, fundamental study and clinical diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and related subjects.

All related medical workers are welcome to attend the meeting; those who pass the test at the end of the meeting will be granted 10 marks in the national continuing medical education.

2. First Congress Meeting of Chinese Association of Critical Care Physicians (CACCP)

Advocated by Professor Dechang Chen from Beijing Union Hospital and Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Chinese Association of Critical Care Physicians (CACCP) has been successfully approved and certified by Ministry of Health, a great achievement that is owing to the hard work and dedication of thousands of Intensive Care Unit workers. It was decided that on July 9 th , 2009 the first congress meeting of CACCP would take place in Jinan, Shangdong.

3. Nationwide Children Obesity Prevention and Therapy Workshop

Chinese Medical Doctor Children Health Specialty Committee will host 2009 Nationwide Children Obesity Prevention and Therapy Workshop from July 20 th to July 29 th at Huayu Spa Holiday Inn in Hebei. This event meets the demand of variety of all levels of pediatric practitioners, aiming to offer the authoritative trainings on how to provide body weight control services to adolescent and youth groups based on a review of over 30 years of research and clinical experiences.

4. Gerontology Medical Care System Symposium

Approved by China Continuing Education Committee, Gerontology Medical Care System Symposium will take place at Green Haotai Hotel in Beijing from Aug 10 th to 14 th , 2009. Beijing Elders Hospital, Ministry of Health Gerontology Medical Institute, Chinese Medical Doctor Association Department of Training will host symposium in collaboration. The training section awards the trainees 8 credits if they pass the final exam after the symposium.


Olympic Spirit and Tabacco Control - Conference on Tobacco Control in China and the Responsibility for Medical Doctors

The Conference on Tobacco Control in China and the Responsibility for Medical Doctors was held on August 9, 2008, by the Medical Doctor Association of China , Chinese Medicine Association and the Tobacco Control Association of China. Professor Yin Dahui, President of the Medical Doctor Association of China and the Former Deputy Minister of Health, delivered a speech, pointing out that "the current high ratio of tobacco use among Chinese doctors is not consistent with the mission and image of medicine practice; this situation indicates a strong lack of awareness among Chinese doctors about tobacco-related disease and its prevention."

Professor Yin Dahui delivering his speech; he advocates media exposure and supervision on medical doctors ' tobacco control.

Professor Cai Zhongjun, Vice President of the Medical Doctor Association of China , delivering his speech, focusing on the tobacco-related harm to the 2 billion patients every year.

Professor Wang Chen, Director of WHO Tabacco or Health Cooperation Centre, delivers his speech, advocating tobacco control for three types of occupation - medical doctors, government staff and teachers.


Declaration of Chinese Medical Doctors on Tobacco Control and the Founding of the Tobacco Control Alliance

In meeting with the World Tobacco-Free Day on May 31, the Medical Doctor Association of China announced its Declaration of Chinese Medical Doctors on Tobacco Control in China on its grand event on May 28, 2008.

According to the survey of Beijing Disease Control Centre in 2006 to 26,000 medical workers, 15% of the medical workers in Beijing smoke, among whom 42.2% are medical doctors. Some doctors even smoke in front of their patients.

As the professional association for medical doctors across China , the Medical Doctor Association of China advocates for a tobacco control campaign among its 2 million doctors. Doctors are encouraged not only to quit smoking, but also to persuade their families and friends to quit smoking.

The Medical Doctor Association of China will also work with WHO's Tobacco or Health Cooperation Centre to jointly advocate for the founding of Tobacco Control Alliance for medical doctors in China with the aim to establish a total tobacco-free environment for medical services in China.

Dr. Yin Dakui, President of the Medical Doctor Association of China , announcing the Advocate for the Founding of Smoking Control Alliance for Medical Doctors in China.

Professor Yang Jing, Standing Vice President and Secretary General of the Medical Doctor Association of China , announcing the Smoking Control Declaration of Two Million Medical Doctors in China .

Dr. England Sarah, WHO Tabacco or Health Cooperation Centre, attended the event and delivered a speech.

Dr. Trish Fraser (first right), WHO Tobacco or Health Cooperation Centre, attended the event.

The Declaration of Chinese Doctors on Tobacco Control

                  -- initiatied by the Medical Doctor Association of China

    As a physician, well aware of smoking hazards to human health, I decided to quit from now on to ensure that the future will never be smoking.

    As a physician, has the responsibility to persuade my relatives, friends, to stay away from tobacco. At the same time, I have to take a physician social responsibility, to the public to actively publicize the dangers of smoking.

    As a physician, clinical practice in the day-to-day work, we must fully understand the "tobacco dependence is a chronic disease," the patient's tobacco control should be elevated to the high level as well as the treatment of disease, and actively promote smoking cessation and control methods.

    We are committed to: First contingent of physicians do not smoke and set an example, to tobacco control into the day-to-day work of the clinic, take practical action to push forward the process of tobacco control in China , for human health to create a smoke-free environment to work hard!


National Doctors Awards Ceremony
Held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

The 2007 Chinese National Doctors Awards Ceremony was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing November 16, 2007. Seventy awarded doctors and representatives of physicians from across the country attended the ceremony, which has occupied a great deal of attention of various related government departments and associations. Officials and experts attended the ceremony include:

Ms. Zhang, Mei-Ying, Vice Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC);

Mr. Wang, Guo-Qiang, Vice Minister of Health and Director of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Mr. Liu, Qian, Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Zhu, Qing-Sheng, President of China Rural Health Association and former Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Cao, Rong-Gui, President of Chinese Hospital Association and former Vice Minister of Health;

Mr. Chen, Xin-Nian
, Deputy Director of Army Medical Services;

Mr. Yang, Yue, Deputy Director Administration of Non-Profit Organizations, Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs;

Mr. Wang, Chang-Shou, Executive Director of Union of Ministry of Health;

Mr. Bian, Zhen-Jia, Director of Drug Safety and Inspection Department of State Food and Drug Administration;

Mr. Liang, Wan-Nian, Deputy Director of Beijing Health Bureau;

Mr. Liu, Hai-Lin, Secretary General of China Medicinal Biotechnology Association;

Mr. Chen, Ke-Ji, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science;

Mr. Zhang, Jin-Zhe, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science;

Ms. Hu, Ya-Mei, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science

The Ceremony was moderated by CMDA executive vice president and secretary general Mr. Yang, Jing, who announced the beginning of the ceremony followed by President Yin Da-Kui's opening speech. Mr. Liu Qian, Vice Minister of Health, announced the list of 70 award-wining physicians, of whom 53 were western medicine physicians, 7 were Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians, 6 were preventive physicians and 4 were dentists.

The Application of Bronchodilator agent
in the treatment of respiratory disease Seminar

Hosted by Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), sponsored by Journal of Multi-Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (Sweden) and organized by CMDA Foreign Affairs Department and Chinese Association of Respiratory Physicians (a CMDA Branch Association), "the Application of Bronchodilator agent in the treatment of respiratory disease Seminar" was held in Beijing Nov 6, 2007.

Aiming to establish an exchange platform between physicians and pharmaceutical research and development institutions, improving drug R&D and rational use of drug, the seminar is the first activity since the Program of Doctor-Pharmacist Communication established.

More than 10 respiratory experts delivered special reports at the seminar, including Prof. Marraro, Prof. Spada, Prof. Erjefalt, Prof. Zhang Li-Ming, Prof. Huang Ke-Wu and Prof. Xu Wen-Bing. About 60 physicians and pharmacists attended the seminar as well, who conducted in-depth interaction on topics regarding the clinical efficacy of Bronchodilator agent, pharmaceutical principles, adverse reactions, side and ancillary effects.  All attendees appreciated this form of communication where field experts bringing in the latest concepts of treatments and physicians and pharmacists offer their first-hand experiences.


3rd Asian Congress of Pediatric Nutrition to be Held in

Approved by State Council, the 3rd Asian Congress of Pediatric Nutrition will be held Oct 22 to 25, . The Congress is steered by The Federation of Pediatric Nutrition Organization of Asia, organized by CMDA and hosted by CMDA committee of Child Health. Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress of China Xiu-Lian Gu is named the Honorary Chairman of the event, and Prof. Zong-Yi Ding, President of The Committee of Child Health, is the chairman of the event.

The Theme of the event is Nutrition, Feeding, Ecohealth and Nutriecology: From Cooking to Evidence-based Nutrition. Major topics include:

  • Nutrition Through Life Cycles
  • Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Infant and Young Child Feeding
  • Public Health and Nutrition
  • Econutrition:Safe and sustainable     food supplies
  • Supervision of Child Food
  • Nutrition Research Methods and     Evaluation
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Evidence-based nutrition
  • Childhood Obesity

As the summit forum of pediatric nutrition, internationally renowned experts, scholars and researchers are invited to present the latest trends and ideas in the field. Participates of the events are pediatrician (internal medicine & chirurgery), nutritionist, dietitian, maternal and child health specialists, school teachers, children's sports trainers, Child food industry specialists.


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